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7 Good Reasons to Choose an Inclusive Wedding Venue

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Image Credit: Amelia Soper Photography

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You’re engaged! Congratulations! Once you’ve called your families and basked in the glow, it’s time to start hunting for the perfect venue. The venue is so important to the planning process and the experience of your big day. It’s also one of the most expensive choices you’ll make when planning your wedding.

Once you start the hunt, it doesn’t take long to realize that what you get for that chunk of your budget can vary wildly. Sometimes you get a beautiful building and grounds, and the rest is up to you. That can appeal to the couple who want to create their vision from scratch, but there are big trade-offs. Here are seven good reasons to choose a more inclusive venue.

1. One Hand to Hold Throughout

Next to your wedding planner or coordinator, the venue manager is the most important source of planning support and help. With an inclusive venue, you are planning menu, setup, décor options, even timeline with the same person. From tour to send-off, you have a single hand to hold throughout.

2. Insider Knowledge

That venue manager knows things about their space that no one else does. They will know what works in their space and what doesn’t, what other couples have done to elevate the venue, and potential pitfalls to look out for. That experience is valuable enough, but it becomes invaluable when you are also planning your menu, floorplan, linen, décor options and more, with that person.

3. A Chef in Their Home Kitchen

Just like venue inclusiveness can vary wildly, the quality of a catering kitchen can run the gamut. Even with preferred caterers, you are getting a team outside of their actual kitchen. With an inclusive venue, you are working with a chef in their own kitchen. He or she will have everything they need to create the meal of your – and your guests’ – dreams!

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4. Staff Who Know What They’re Doing

There is nothing like a service team who work together – and in the same venue – all the time! Seamless service can make the difference between a flawless day and one full of hiccups. Choosing a venue with their own staff means you are getting a vetted, tight-knit team who know everything they need to know to ensure everything goes smoothly, from setup to dinner service.

5. Less to Clean Up

Most venues require that you take everything you brought in, out – that night or, if you’re lucky, first thing the next morning. If you brought in tables, chairs, décor, linen, service ware. . .well, that’s a lot to clean up! At a venue with their own furniture, service ware, linens etc., you don’t have to worry about any of that. Anything that saves you worry in the wedding planning process is a good thing.

6. Fewer Vendors to Manage

When comparing venues, a great activity is to make a list of all the external vendors you will need with that venue. Each name on that list is another expense, another contract to sign, another detail to manage, and another opportunity for something to go wrong.

Image Credit: Laura Marchbanks Photography

7. Save Money!

Last, but certainly not least, an inclusive venue is a great opportunity to save money. While perhaps more expensive up front, an inclusive venue means you are saving money on every vendor you don’t need and every risk you don’t take. Break a plate? That’ll be extra at a rental company. Need five more chairs? You’ll pay for each one if you bring them in. And don’t forget that extra delivery charge! At most all-inclusive venues, you pay one facility rental and you’re done. No need to worry about hidden costs, extra markups or unforeseen expenses.

Choosing a venue is a huge step in the wedding planning process. The list of things to consider when making that choice is extensive. Choosing the most inclusive venue will narrow that list a lot, and allow you to create a wedding that is seamless, stress-free and fun!

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Image Credit (below): Amelia Soper Photography

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