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Braden Landon | Sound + Splendor

United States
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I am a live-mixing turntable DJ specializing in fun music of all kinds while building the energy on the dance floor all night long.  I am a Master of Ceremonies who enjoys personalizing everything I say, from the most simple Call to Dinner announcement, to an elegant introduction of a First Dance, on behalf of and unique to each of my couples. I am a lighting designer who believes that subtle, soft, warm-temperature lighting for dinner, a highlighted dancefloor in an otherwise low-lit room for a first dance and then ultimately the use of every surface in a room as a palette for color and movement during a dance party can all coexist within the same event. I am an experienced professional who cares about the details and I am incredibly grateful to have come so highly recommended to so many amazing Brides & Grooms over the last 17 years.

Photos by David Pfahlert Photography, Shane Welch Photography and Lauren McConnell Photography.

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