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Breathtaking Private Residence Wedding

Evelyn & Kirill tied the knot in the spot that meant the most to them, Evelyn's family's tree farm in Snohomish.
Sara Hubbard

The tree farm on which Evelyn Gillie grew up holds a special place in her heart‭. ‬As a child‭, ‬she would spend time there with her‭ ‬three sisters and help her family with the farm‭. ‬The barn eventually became the place where her then boyfriend and now husband‭,‬‭ ‬Kirill Kalinichev‭, ‬proposed‭. ‬So it seemed right to keep the special energy of the farm alive and transform it into a woodland dreamscape for the couple’s wedding‭. ‬Trees were the theme of the day‭, ‬with arboreal elements winding their way throughout the design‭. ‬Delicate potted sapling trees that featured labels directing guests to their tables could be taken home by those friends and family to start their own tiny tree farms‭. ‬Oak and Fig Floral crafted showstopping centerpieces for the dessert table and head table‭, ‬creating the impression that roots were growing up directly from the pieces and unfurling overhead into a verdant canopy‭. ‬Herban Feast provided a‭ ‬mouthwatering menu that highlighted all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer‭, ‬followed by a sweet culinary finale‭, ‬courtesy‭ ‬of Snohomish Pie Company‭. ‬Although they now reside in San Francisco‭, ‬Evelyn and Kirill are on the hunt for their own perfect Snohomish spot to create new memories‭, ‬close to the special place where they said‭ ‬“I do‭.‬”‭ ‬

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