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A Continental Romance: A Travel-Inspired Washington Wedding At Herban Feast's Sodo Park

Emily Feig

Kailyn McLean, whose hometown is Edmonds, and Enrico Angella, who is from Rome, began their extraordinary love story on Christmas Eve in the groom’s hometown, where they were both sitting at a pub near the Trevi Fountain watching American football. They immediately hit it off and went on their first date on Christmas night. After a second date in Barcelona not too long afterward, they dated transatlantically, leading to a proposal in Paris the following December.

With travel holding a special place in their hearts, the couple incorporated it into their theme with vintage lanterns, steamer trunks and antique suitcases. Herban Feast’s Sodo Park venue complemented the theme perfectly with its rustic, picturesque atmosphere. The event was complete with friends and family from as near as Seattle and as far as South Korea, Italy, England and Brazil. The ceremony was an intimate and unplugged event. After a reading from The Bridge Across Forever, the couple lit a unity candle representing their individual lives coming together to form a brighter light and life together.

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