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Elegant Greenery Wedding at AXIS Pioneer Square

Kendall Kantola

Reina Almon and Connor Griffin met during a ninth-grade field trip after Connor had moved to Yakima, Washington, from Kansas. After seeing each other for a few weeks, they decided to stay friends and maintained that friendship throughout high school. Reina then asked Connor to attend a dance with her when they were seniors. That fateful night, they realized how much they still cared for each other, so Connor took Reina out on their first real date a couple of weeks later. The rest is history.  

On the big day, the stylish pair put their groomsmen in navy blue suits, and the bridesmaids in individually selected metallic gowns, both of which paired beautifully with the burnt orange and cream autumnal color scheme. The classic brick interior of AXIS Pioneer Square was accented by greenery-draped chandeliers crafted by florists and wedding planners Juliet and Lou, as well as touches of gold foil and even fall pears that were incorporated into the evening’s decor. 

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