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Garden of Love: Intimate Wedding in Ellensburg

Kelly Skahan

After meeting through family members, Cristin Rocafort and Mike Gray started dating in college. When it came time for Mike to propose, he took advantage of Cristin’s habit of sleeping late in order to really surprise her. “I’m not a morning person,” she says, with a laugh. After making a big breakfast to share, the prospective groom woke her with a bouquet of her favorite sunflowers; when she finally stirred, he got down on one knee and proposed.

The bride’s inspiration for the look and feel of the wedding day started with her grandmother’s garden. After first scoping out venues all across the state, the Ellensburg natives couldn’t imagine a more intimate and personal spot in which to celebrate their love. “The setting had these open spaces, garden beds and memories,” she says, “and we wanted everything we did to enhance the beauty that was already there.” The couple’s friends and neighbors pitched in to make the big day happen, with Cristin’s aunt stepping in as a day-of coordinator, and the bride’s grandmother loaning the couple her vintage Cadillac El Dorado as a getaway vehicle. “My mom and I have a very close relationship,” the bride added. “She was the one who got to walk me down the aisle.”

Cristin sought out floral arrangements that looked like they were picked right from the garden itself, and she chose simple white benches and a clear reception tent to keep the focus on the gorgeous scenery. Farm tables, mismatched chairs and vintage china made the setting comfortable, familiar and warm.

“Mike and I love food,” Cristin says, “and we appreciate a perfectly cooked steak, chicken and veggies—so that’s what we had.” They turned to the Ellensburg Pasta Company for catering (the owners have known the couple since they were kids!) and added pies from Seattle’s A la Mode Pies in lieu of a traditional cake.


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