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Get the Picture: Five Seattle Photobooth Owners Share Tips & Trends For Your Wedding Day

Performing triple duty as reception icebreakers, entertainment and take-home favors, it’s no wonder photo booths have become all the rage.
Allyson Reedy

Express Yourself(ie)
“These days, photo booths are almost ubiquitous at weddings, so for most people, the question isn’t if they should have one. Instead, it’s what kind of photo booth experience do couples want?” says Sam Eitzen, CEO and cofounder of The SnapBar. “We’re seeing more couples ask about our Selfie Stand product. Instead of the traditional photo booth, which requires staff, printing, a backdrop and props, there are more requests for a simplified digital experience.” Double bonus: The setup takes up less space, and your wedding itself—i.e., all the flowers and decor you worked so hard to select—acts as the backdrop for guests’ photos.

Beautiful Backdrops
“Custom backdrops and vignette design are really popular with our couples right now,” says Marilee Kimball, owner of 321 Foto. “Using floral and design elements from the ceremony, we create interactive backdrop spaces that maintain the overall aesthetic of the day. Since these photos are likely the number-one souvenirs your guests will hang onto from your wedding, why not make sure they best capture your event’s vibe?” Kimball custom designs the backdrops herself (she has 150 in her collection, and counting), so the take-home photos are sure to match the vibe of your day, no matter the theme.

On the Move
“Our favorite trend is mobile vendors. Having a self-contained photo booth for outdoor weddings is great if the weather decides to act up, and provides a very clean look with other decor,” says Garrett Hystek, owner of Shutter Bus Co. His photo booths are built inside refurbished VW buses from the 1960s and 1970s, and they’re so retro-cool that it’s just as fun to take pictures outside of them as it is to squeeze on in with your best pals.

Alante Photography

Puttin’ on the Glitz
“Our social feeds are teeming with celebrity portraits from swanky after-party affairs, like the Grammys and Oscars. Meanwhile, black-tie weddings and more formal events are on the rise in Seattle, so we’ve been loving when we get to create more formal, guest portraitures with our Black Tie Booth,” says Kimberly Person, who owns Sequin Photobooth with her business partner, Ashley Sader. These super-glam portraits are typically full-length, styled and have special lighting—making for the ultimate “after-party” pics for attendees.

Erin Perkins Photography

Prop it Up
“Couples are really wanting to personalize their photo booth as much as possible,” says Chad McNett, owner of Emerald City Photo Booth. Options include custom logos, welcome screens and, most importantly, props. “Guests love the props—the crazier the better,” McNett says. “Tribal masks, WWF belts and inappropriate signs that grandma may not approve of have all been hits.”

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