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The Getaway Car: Exiting Your Wedding In Style

Laura Cross
Source Unknown

Your wedding day is an event that is unforgettable and while seeing it come to an end might be bittersweet, why not hitch a ride in style and leave a lasting impression with your guests as you embark on your journey together as a couple? 

Whether your mode of choice is a car, boat, bus or bike, turn heads at your sendoff with a picture-perfect exit that makes you and your spouse feel undeniably awesome. And don't forget to spice it up with some decor! Adorning your vehicle with some pretty blooms, lush greens, tin cans or personalized banners is a great way to add personality and deck out your ride.

From suave convertibles and vintage Rolls Royces to retro Woody Wagons and VW Buses … even suped-up golf carts, check out these fun and fabulous ways in which you can drive off into the night with your spouse. 

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Photo from British Motor Coach, Inc.

Photo from Noosa Woody Tours

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Photo from Brklyn View Photography

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