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A Glamorous Wedding Day With Lush Florals in Mukilteo

Kimberly & Daniel's elegant nuptials with idyllic views
Teya Heidenreich

The Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo presented a bright environment with a stunning water view for Kimberly and Daniel Nguyen’s nuptials‭. ‬Custom stationery for their day was designed in white and gold‭. ‬Their wedding décor centered on lush florals and acrylic details‭, ‬with romantic crystal chandeliers accentuating the reception design‭. ‬Florals brought textural interest and bright‭ ‬colors to the scene‭. ‬Guests were invited to participate in an audio guest book‭; ‬this memorable take on the tradition allowed guests to infuse their own personalities into their messages to Kimberly and Daniel‭. ‬In a show of appreciation for the couple’s individual qualities‭, ‬the guest seating chart played on the bride’s and groom’s work in the medical field‭; ‬and jars of candy resembling medicine jars were displayed‭, ‬each bearing the phrase‭ ‬“Love is the best medicine‭.‬”‭ ‬For the reception‭, ‬Kimberly and Daniel also had Sunset Boba deliver a boba tea bar for their guests‭.

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