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Sweet Short Hair Ways for Your Big Day

From the pixie cut to the “lob,” hacking off one’s hair has been a stylish move for celebrities and everyday gals alike in recent seasons. Whether you’ve already made a date with a pair of shears or you’re thinking of going for a shorter ‘do, being a bride can complicate mane matters. So often, recently engaged girls go on a mission to grow out their locks so that they can say "I do" with a great up do’, wear long beach waves, or select a half up, half down style. But being unhappy with your hair all in the name of a style for one day seems silly. Especially given the awesome options that short-haired ladies have to make a statement with their closer cuts.


Rhinestone Wrap by HelenaNoelleCouture, Etsy


Bella Comb, DC Bouquets, Etsy


Beaded Feather Bandeau, MagdaandCharlie, Etsy


Forehead Crystals, SelvedgeDryGoods, Etsy


Birdcage Veil, CassandraSilvestro, Etsy 


Ava Feather Headband, DC Bouquets, Etsy


Laurel Leaf Demi Crown, Veiled Beauty, Etsy


Pearl Crown, SerenityCrystal, Etsy


Beaded Sash, DC Bouquets, Etsy

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