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An Intimate Gathering At Fall City Farms With The Prettiest DIY Details

Emily Feig

Leslie Hollaway and Brady Harvell’s intimate gathering at Fall City Farms was a truly unique celebration of love in the Pacific Northwest. Their day was filled with brilliant color and lush texture, including bright flowers, colored glass goblets and charming DIY details. The colorful tones in their floral arrangements, as well as the classic blue Ford pickup truck adorned with flowers, contrasted perfectly with the lush green forest setting. The bride’s charming hand-painted invitations really set the tone for the personal and heartfelt day.

The couple’s creativity shone in their custom puzzle “guest book.” Guests were prompted to sign a puzzle piece, then, at the end of the reception, the pieces were fitted together as a whole. The entire day was lovingly conceived, and it showcased the talents of the bride and her family, including an uncle who created a painting to be displayed at the reception that was based on one of the couple’s engagement photos.

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