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Lavender Haze at Woodinville Lavender in Redmond

A dreamy wedding day scene complete with fields of lush lavender.
Lara M. Burnap

Shades of purple are having their moment, especially in soft pastel hues. Wedding planner Caroline Kim of Celebrate with Caroline and florist Seohee Choi of Studio Batté found the ideal inspiration for bringing this palette to life at Woodinville Lavender in Redmond. “The lush lavender fields were the perfect backdrop for our romantic yet modern setting,” says Kim. To highlight the delicate hue, Choi chose white blooms as the design’s foundation and brought in shades of purple: lavender, mauve, mulberry and a touch of light blue. Both the delicate bridal bouquet and centerpiece feature seasonal flowers in various textures, such as white astilbe and Queen Anne’s lace. Kim let the florals shine and opted for simple yet elegant place settings with touches of gold. 

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