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A Love-Filled Wedding at Tin Roof Barn

High school sweethearts Michaela and Daniel have a rustic-chic wedding.
Emma Franke
Michaela and Daniel, photo by Christy Cassano

Wedding Date: August 24, 2019

Michaela Abel thought she was helping a friend by modeling in a tulip field for a photo contest, while her high school sweetheart, Daniel Verburg, carried equipment. She was truly shocked when she turned around and found Daniel down on one knee. Daniel had everything ready: After a few photos, the couple was supposed to hop into a hot-air balloon, but as is the way in the Northwest, it was too cloudy. Instead, they skipped to the next part of Daniel’s plan, where he handed her a cup of coffee in a mug from Tin Roof Barn, revealing that he had already booked their wedding venue and date. Guests from all over congregated for the welcome dinner the night before the wedding. When the big day came, a feeling of community pervaded the barn, which glowed with candles and the scent of roses. Homemade jam served as both favors and escort cards. The father of the bride requested that the father-daughter dance was last in the scheduled lineup. After a few minutes of dancing sweetly, the two broke out in an upbeat song to get everyone on the dance floor with them.

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