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Love At First "Site"

Erin and Tyson's Kelley Farm Wedding
Alexa Sanford
Kelley Farm Couple

 Erin and Tyson first met in 2013 when they were working at the same construction site while traveling with their different management companies. On Tyson’s first day, he saw Erin for the first time and could not take his eyes off her. It was literally love at first sight! For the next several weeks, Tyson tried to arrange an excuse to talk to Erin. He even went as far as staying at the job site working late waiting for Erin, only to get locked in! Finally, Tyson got his opportunity to talk to Erin and the rest is history.

Tyson decided to propose to Erin on Valentine’s day. He organized a ski trip, but the morning of, the weather was impossible to ski in. They decided to stay home instead. While enjoying their morning coffee, Travis couldn’t take it anymore and proposed while Erin was watching HGTV! She was completely caught off guard and it was a candid, perfect moment filled with happy tears and heartfelt words.

With the help of wedding planner, Jacky Grotle of Event Success, Tyson and Erin’s Wedding took a little over a year to plan. From the very beginning of the planning process, Erin was very honest with the fact that she “loved being with her horse more than wedding planning”. Combining Tyson’s love of details and Erin’s love of horses, Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, WA was the perfect venue. At the reception, each table was named after a city that had significance to the happy couple. They chose orange and blues as their colors and the day could not have been more perfect for them. Their special day was finished with bundt cakes, dancing, and a streamer departure!

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