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Lush Love at Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park

Bernardo and Vidal combined their cultural backgrounds with their love for the PNW.
Hermon Tesfamariam
Bernardo and Vidal, photo by Beatrici Photography

Wedding Date: May 11, 2019

When planning their nuptials, Bernardo Serna and Vidal Men looked to their heritages, combining their shared love of their Cambodian and Hispanic backgrounds with their love of the Pacific Northwest. Emerald green was beautifully embraced as a color theme for the wedding: The bridesmaids each wore a different style of dress in the deep, rich shade, and sheer drapes in the same hue were hung along the sides of the windows, allowing the light to fill the space of the historic Magnuson Park venue, which originally housed World War II aircraft. Tasty, authentic paella was served to guests for dinner. Later in the evening, Bernardo and Vidal reentered their reception in beautifully detailed, handmade Cambodian clothing. The party continued with hundreds of family members and friends all present to celebrate true love. To top off the night, guests were offered Big Macs from McDonald’s, a favorite of the couple, as a late-night snack for the road.

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