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Natural Beauty: A Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Wedding At Ballard's Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Emma Franke

Like any event or production, wedding planning can take its toll on the environment. With this in mind, Amanda Pugh and Ryan Rice worked with planner Tobey Nelson to find eco-friendly options wherever they could. The bride’s gown and fur were secondhand, and all the floral arrangements were foam-free and locally grown. The foodie couple chose their venue, Stoneburner’s Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, specifically so they could have catering from the restaurant, which is conscious of its sourcing and ingredients. The end result? A menu chock-full of delicious local veggies, with a main course of grilled bavette steak. In search of a cozy, masculine vibe, the couple opted for seasonal florals and hues. A color palette of amber, persimmon, terra-cotta and dusty peach hues glowed in the warmth of candlelight given off by glass votives from the bride’s grandmother’s collection, which were mixed with bronze accessories and used throughout the event.

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