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Casual Elegance: Romantic Barn Wedding at Dairyland

TWELFTH MAN AND WIFE: Bo Dupar, a financial analyst at Isola Homes, was walking up the beach with Krystal Freitas, a senior account manager at All Star Directories, after proposing to her when cheers erupted from a nearby beachside dive bar. As they were clad in Seahawks gear (visiting San Diego to watch the Seahawks take on the Chargers), Krystal assumed fellow 12’s were cheering from the bar, but, in fact, Bo had ensured that their close friends were there to help celebrate.

THE DESIGN: Snohomish Valley’s Dairyland, with its air of antiquity and pastoral beauty, was the perfect setting to highlight the couple’s love of spontaneity and sophistication. For the outdoor ceremony, Dairyland grounds took on a refined elegance with the floral décor; a rose petal aisle, showpiece arrangements and a stunning cascade bridal bouquet. Imbued with a more casual atmosphere, the cocktail hour delivered handmade cornhole boards as entertainment, while guests enjoyed Pike Brewing beers and homemade Chex Mix (once a staple at the home of Bo’s late grandfather).

KITCHEN RIFFS: Bo’s mother, Lisa, helms Lisa Dupar Catering, and worked with Bo’s brother to design the reception’s vegetable-focused menu, which showcased late-season produce. She also spent a meaningful evening with Bo as he crafted a beautiful naked wedding cake for the reception. As a last-minute addition (the kind you can only make when you keep the right company), the cake was moistened with a peach sorbet base, which a friend and pastry chef happened to have in surplus that night in the kitchen.


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