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Color Happy: Multicultural Wedding at Dairyland

Caitlin King

THE COUPLE: Sheeba Jacob, who works for the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership, and Anay Shah, head of international partnerships at Remitly, first met at a friend’s traveling Halloween party on October 31, 2013. They first laid eyes on one another at the first house. At the next house, Anay approached Sheeba’s friends, and by the fourth and final house Anay and Sheeba were excitedly sharing their travel-filled and intertwining lives, reaching from Washington, D.C., to India and East Africa.

TRADITIONS: For the ceremony, the couple drew from Indian and Hindu traditions, with the groom entering on a horse for his baraat, the groom’s wedding procession, while the bride wore a pink sari matching the color palette of pinks, oranges and golds for the ceremony. A Punditji Sunil Dev conducted the Hindu portion of the wedding, while Sheeba’s best friend, Natasha Burrowes, officiated the Western portion of the wedding. The couple also incorporated sacred Sanskrit texts, quotes from Rumi, a reading from Corinthians and a passage from a novel.

THE DANCE PARTY: The couple’s DJ friend Les, also known as “The Pinstriped Rebel,” kept the party going with their favorite ’90s hip-hop favorites. The couple explained that after nine months of planning and a full weekend of being showered with love, it felt good to cut loose on the dance floor and host a party that people didn’t want to end.


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