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Robyn & Matthew: A Relaxed Whidbey Island Wedding

Robyn Hossler and Matthew Parker
Wedding date: October 12, 2013

Robyn Hossler, 34, and Matthew Parker, 30, choose Whidbey Island as their wedding location for its charming farmland, breathtaking views of the water, and their desire to share that natural beauty with friends and family. When the party came to an end, the guests lined up to give the happy couple a sparkler send-off for a wedding night spent at the bed-and-breakfast next door. “It was so special to see their smiling faces all lit up and cheering for us as we walked along the path,” says Robyn of that special moment. “We felt so loved by our guests, who have encouraged and supported us all along the way.”

A Relaxed Whidbey Island Wedding

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