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Sail Away With Me : A Bellingham Bay Wedding

Angela Stickney & Tom Woodard

Married and celebrated: Aboard the schooner Zodiac in Bellingham Bay

Date: April 30, 2016

THE COUPLE: For Angela Stickney, who works at an ad agency, and Amazon marketer Tom Woodard, love built slowly—and then took off in a whirlwind. First introduced by mutual friends, it took the duo several years of friendship to get the romantic timing right, but once they did, Tom was proposing on a sailboat ride on Puget Sound after just a year of dating.

BOATLOADS OF FUN: The Queen Anne–based pair, who bonded over their love of sailing and learned to do so together, invited 60 guests aboard the beautiful schooner Zodiac for their big day. A perfect combination of her love of fairy-tale magic and his love for the outdoors, the sweet celebration included a cruise around picturesque Bellingham Bay in the garland-festooned boat; the pair dropped anchor for the moving ceremony, which was officiated by the groom’s childhood best friend. Blessed with an unseasonably warm spring day, the pair sipped cocktails, munched on salmon and mingled with their nearest and dearest—who didn’t even need their custom yellow sailing jacket favors until well after sunset.


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