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Romantic Mountain Wedding at Swiftwater Cellars

Laura Cross
Ashlee Brooke Photography

Breanna and Jake won the lottery after they matched with eachother on Tinder. Though Breanna (a Seattle girl) denied Jake (a Salt Lake native) a first date in lieu of watching the Superbowl (the Seahawks were playing!), they continued texting back and forth, and within a week Breanna was boarding a plane to meet Jake for the first time. Love was in flight and the rest is history. 

Jake and Breanna continued a long-distance love affair for a year, seeing each other about every 2-3 weeks. Thousands of frequent flyer miles later, Breanna took the plunge, moving to Salt Lake City to be with Jake and a year after that, they we were engaged.

Breanna and Jake knew the second they walked the grounds of Swiftwater Cellars in Cle Elum, it was exactly what they were looking for in a wedding venue. Nestled within the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range, it embodied breathtaking views and mountain elegance with a Park City vibe that Jake feel at home. 

The couple's main goal was to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere which showcased their personalities through each and every detail. From the swanky wine bar music playing throughout the night to the smooth wine, incredible food, and charming, warm atmosphere it was nothing short of perfect. And to make their wedding complete, they filled the room with their closest family, friends and loved ones - a surreal moment shared by all who witnessed the marriage of two amazing individuals.

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