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Satisfy Your Senses: Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2018

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Give your guests the gift of experience.
Andrew Hoge, Director of Celebrations at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel

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One of the biggest gifts you can give your guests? An unforgettable experience. Impress them with the season's trends in a brand new way, by playing with the five senses. Whether it’s a unique scent or upbeat reggae drums, wow your guests with personal details that'll really set your wedding apart. Andrew Hoge, Director of Celebrations at the storied Fairmont Olympic Hotel knows how to do just that. Below he's outlined his favorite ideas and the best ways to help your guests experience them.

Satisfy Your Senses: 5 Trends of 2018

Touch: We love the look of lucite fixtures and décor to spice up your wedding theme. Think beyond the appeal of traditional ghost chairs as this trend expands to incorporate more than just seating. Imagine stands, vases and escort cards that elevate the feel of both modern and traditional venues.

Satisfy Your Senses: 5 Trends of 2018

Image Credit: Alante Photography

Taste: Integrate local libations into your reception. Feature wine and liquor that are personalized to the couple; perhaps a favorite wine from the bride’s hometown or liquor from the groom’s favorite bar. 

Satisfy Your Senses: 5 Trends of 2018

See: Expand your venue’s decor with video mapping and animation (whether it’s on the walls or tables). Go beyond framed photos and infuse your wedding with personal touches using technology that offers a visual experience sure to entertain guests.

Satisfy Your Senses: 5 Trends of 2018

Image Credit: Jerome Tso Photography

Hear: Let the dance floor at your wedding take cues from the growing popularity of Caribbean sounds including reggae, reggaeton and topic house. From contagious beats to jazzy tunes, you’ll have a hard time keeping your guests away from the dance floor. 

Satisfy Your Senses: 5 Trends of 2018

Smell: Dazzle your guests’ sense of smell by creating a custom scent for your wedding. Design a perfume that can be sprayed ahead of time on invitations and then gently spritzed on table linens at the venue.

Go beyond the basic decorations and turn your wedding into a feast for the senses! These wedding elements are sure to please your guests and make your celebration stand out.

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