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Simplify your paperwork with Rock Paper Coin so you can spend more time planning + creating!
Rock Paper Coin wedding planning

Rock Paper Coin, launched in August 2019 by wedding industry professionals Nora Sheils and Elizabeth Sheils of Bridal Bliss, a Seattle-based event planning company, is sure to be a game changer for both organization nuts and novices alike. From their diverse experiences working with couples, sisters-in-law Nora and Elizabeth came to understand that the daunting contract and invoice process hinders an otherwise exciting wedding planning experience. So, they assigned themselves the task of revolutionizing the necessary evil of paperwork by making it efficient and hassle-free. Rock Paper Coin was the result: a “digital event binder” connecting clients, vendors and planners on a single, easy user-focused online platform that streamlines the payment process. Those stressful hours of hunting and tracking in search of that one missing invoice buried in your inbox (instead of getting that essential rest and relaxation you crave) are over. The system also has contract alerts, keeping those payment deadlines from keeping you up at night. The best part? Rock Paper Coin is free for clients who are planning events. Simply invite your vendors to the system and the status of your payment and digitalized versions of your contracts are only a few clicks away, not to mention paperless. Easy to use on desktops as well as smartphones, for those on the go, Rock Paper Coin is an invaluable addition to your wedding team.

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