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Smashing Idea: Piñatas Provide A Colorful Way To Get The Party Started

Susannah Bradley

Piñatas aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties anymore. Now, they’re also a colorful way to get the party started after you’ve exchanged vows.

Karina Shelton and Alberto Alvarez of Tacoma wanted a festive celebration that paid tribute to the groom’s Mexican heritage, so piñatas were a perfect fit. “There were two piñatas, one that coordinated with the wedding colors for adults, and a taco design for the kids. The adults had pingpong balls in their piñatas with numbers on them, and a prize table with corresponding numbers. The prizes included alcohol, sombreros and other little gifts. The kids’ piñata was filled with candy,” says event planner Kyro Parker of Good Friend Events in Bellevue.

Amanda K. Photography

Lauren McKallor and Scott Alexander hosted a Mexican-fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner before their Vashon Island wedding, and the evening’s entertainment included piñatas for adults and kids. A family friend transformed a birthday-cake piñata into something more wedding-appropriate with white paper “frosting” and roses, then filled it with miniature tequila bottles. For more about Lauren and Scott’s wedding, click here.

Nick Plus Danée

Hannah Franke and William Finney included a piñata at their reception at Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma to pay tribute to their beloved cat, Layla, and to serve as a creative alternative to the guest book. “Most dog owners would simply enlist their animal to be part of the ceremony, but that is not possible with a cat. We wanted a way for her still to be part of the big day, so I found a seller on Etsy who creates custom piñatas based on pictures of your pet, sent her a few photos, and in three weeks we had our very own Layla piñata,” says Hannah. The piñata included a small slit for guests to deposit “Advice and Well Wishes” cards that were placed at the welcome table. “We liked the idea of having something to look forward to on our one-year anniversary. We’ll open the piñata and read words from our guests over a bottle of Champagne,” says Hannah. For more from this wedding, click here.

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