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A Sweet Union At The Foundry: Jacquelyn And Rudy

A special family union at The Foundry.
Danielle Hayden

Wedding Date: March 7, 2020

Longtime couple Jacquelyn Galvez and Rudy Lawrence were living in two different states when they first met, but Seattle is where they fell in love. Although their respective families wished them to marry elsewhere, the cross-country couple knew that their ceremony was meant to take place in the Emerald City. The wedding had a crisp, classic color scheme of black and white, in rich fabrics, complemented by a generous amount of greenery. Touches of gold and sparkle added a luxe accent to the simplicity of the wooden venue. Moments of mirth weren’t hard to find on this special day, with Jacquelyn’s and Rudy’s smiles and laughter twinkling throughout the hall—especially during their first dance. Even more memorable than the decor and the echoing joy was the inclusion of the couple’s son in the service. The three of them held hands during the vows as the officiant spoke moving words over the trio, uniting them as a family.

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