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Top 3 Tips to Consider When Creating A Wedding Budget

Laura Cardo
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You're engaged - now what? It is imperative that prior to looking at venues and picking out a dress, you begin your wedding planning journey by determining how much you're comfortable spending. The problem for most couples is that this is the first time you'll ever have to plan a large event, and knowing how much to set aside can be difficult to comprehend when you aren't even quite sure what all goes into the wedding. Of course, no one wants to start out the process by having their wedding dreams shattered, but its important to understand what's realistic before diving in head first. Here are our top three tips to consider when creating a wedding budget.


Everyone wants all the bells and whistles, but the reality is everything comes at a price and your dream wedding may not be in your grasp. Therefore, it is important to recognize what is worth the splurge versus where you are comfortable making concessions. To some, your top priority may be the photographer while to others it may be the decor. If you are passionate about music and making sure the party is an all-night rager, you may want to spring for a band, however if you are a much more passionate foodie than a groupie, you may decide to indulge on the catering.

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Having the conversation with your parents about if and how much they'll be contributing can be tricky. It is important that everyone chipping in clearly convey how much they plan on spending PRIOR to making any purchases. Keep in mind that while it is traditional for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, it has become customary for both sides to pitch in … or, for those getting married later in life, to foot the bill themselves. Set up a dinner date with your parents, grab a bottle of wine (or two), and get ready to have an honest conversation about everyone’s realistic expectations.

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The bottom line looks much different with a guest count of 50 versus a guest count of 400. While no one wants to disclude Cousin Bobby twice removed, keep in mind that each head is not only an additional mouth to feed, but it is also an extra invitation, ceremony chair, seat at the table, napkin, place setting, etc. As your guest list increases, often times your budget also does so incrementally. And while you might be envisioning 250 of your closest friends and family, trimming your guest count is the easiest way to cut down on your budget. Don’t look at this phase as a sacrifice. It is most important to keep in mind that this is an intimate occasion and deserves only your closest family and family to be celebrating alongside you and your fiancé.

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Photo from The Party Girl