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United in Love: A Stunning Multi-Day Wedding Celebration In Seattle

Susannah Bradley

With their multi-day wedding celebration that brought together friends and family from around the world, Mariam Hasnany, whose family is Pakistani, and Muataz Ahmed, whose family is from Sudan, united their past, present and future. The bright and joyous occasion was filled with laughter, love and tributes to their respective cultures.

The celebration began with a short private ceremony at the Washington Park Arboretum, followed by a lovely meal with close friends and family and gifts for the new couple. The next day, the couple held a larger, Western-style wedding and reception at the Olympic Sculpture Park. During the toasts, guest after guest extolled the couple’s kind and generous natures, their gifts for genuine connection and their love of life. After the toasts and the cutting of the cake, the room erupted into a dance party of epic proportions. The last event of the night included a change in attire for the couple and Sudanese wedding traditions to honor the newlyweds.

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