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Into the Woods

Shaima Shamdeen

RUSTIC CHARM This sweetly restrained invitation suite features a high-contrast fir tree design printed in letterpress on beautiful 110-pound pearl white cotton paper, which is mounted on wood-grain-embossed paper. A darling black-and-white map and peekaboo matching envelope perfectly finishes this simple yet sophisticated set. $3–$5/invitation, from Pike Street Press (shops in Kirkland and on the Seattle waterfront).

NATURAL BEAUTY Embrace the beauty of nature with this hand-carved, highly customized woodland invitation suite. Individually designed and sketched onto thin-cut balsa wood, each piece is carved by hand in triplicate, with slight design adjustments to give it a 3-D effect. Wedding details are printed on textured cotton paper and slipped between the balsa wood layers to add depth and a touch of softness. The envelopes are lined with high-end faux moss to give the effect of the woodland creatures and trees being in their native habitat. Price upon request, from Lower Queen Anne–based Grey & Cake.


ROSEMARY ROMANCE Wrapped with a jute cord tie and embellished with a sprig of organic rosemary, this invitation welcomes guests to a woodsy yet classy affair with its delightfully fresh scent. The digitally printed wood grain background is made of at least 30 percent post-consumer waste, and when accompanied by the textured wood grain paper wrap in a “chocolate barque” color, the completed suite resembles actual wood while still being a sustainable work of art. $7.75/completed invitation suite, including all embellishments, plus $2.50/envelope for calligraphy, all from Queen Anne–based Songbird Paperie.

ETERNAL EVERGREEN This “Evergreen Forest” design features a row of watercolor trees in vibrant arboreal shades of green. The invitations are digitally printed on birch wood veneer, which showcases the full range of beautiful ink colors, and are a fantastic eco-friendly way to prep guests for a rustic or outdoor wedding. $3.25/invitation (available in a wide range of ink colors and text fonts), from Kent-based Impress Ink.

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