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You Can't Stop Love

Despite the pandemic, Ali and Torin made a splash on their wedding day.
Laura Cross
Photo by Ashley Photography

When things don't go according to plan, you take a deep breath and make the best of it - and that's exactly what Ali and Torin did. With the coronavirus crisis in full effect and wedding plans derailing with each passing day, the couple made the difficult decision to cancel their July 25th, 2020 nuptials. However, instead of postponing their wedding another year, they gave themselves one week to arrange plans for a private ceremony. Though they were elated to finally wed, as time went on Ali and Torin still longed for the reception they dreamed of on their very own property. A month prior to their initial wedding date, they decided to once again plan another wedding celebration, this time sticking to their original plan and date. On the day of their wedding, as photos were being taken near the river on their property, Ali and Torin looked at each other and asked, “should we get in?” A few members of the bridal party overheard their conversation and clutched hands, enthusiastically charging the water in celebration of the day.

Photo by Ashley Photography

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