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Mount Rainier Wedding Honoring Love & Tradition

Amie & Chase celebrated their love and honored the bride's Japanese heritage in Mount Rainer National Park.
Lara Allen

For Amie Hazama and Chase Kania’s long-awaited wedding‭, ‬the couple chose an intimate wedding surrounded by family‭. ‬Amie and Chase chose to take their first look‭ ‬from the Naches Loop Trail in Mount Rainier National Park‭, ‬which overlooks several mountain lakes‭. ‬Afterward‭, ‬they returned to‭ ‬the picturesque A-frame cabin and changed into kimonos‭, ‬to honor Amie’s Japanese heritage‭. ‬They worked with Kimono Art Seattle when choosing and styling this look as it was an important part of the‭ ‬celebration for Amie‭. ‬The couple then tied the knot in front of the Cowlitz River‭, ‬with Chase’s brother serving as the officiant as they read vows from their journals‭. ‬After the ceremony‭, ‬the couple signed their marriage license with Japanese origami pens that Amie’s mother had made herself‭. ‬For their romantic reception‭, ‬Chase and Amie‭, ‬along with their guests‭, ‬danced the night away under string lights to live acoustic music‭. ‬They ended the evening with Amie’s brother-in-law‭, ‬a French chef‭, ‬whipping up a feast of lobster salad and steak—a perfect finale to a romantic day‭. 

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