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This Washington Couple Chose A Special New Surname To Celebrate Their Vows At JM Cellars In Woodinville

Emily Feig

Cara Burrowes and Micah Grotte decided to change their surnames on their wedding day. Instead of adopting either of their names, they chose a word that holds deep significance to them both: “merak,” which means “wonder” in Serbian. “We wanted a last name that serves as a daily reminder to appreciate simple pleasures. While the wedding was a fun celebration, it’s the small daily moments that we share with one another that are the strength of our marriage,” says Cara. “Merak” and its definition appeared throughout the venue and was emblazoned on the enamel mugs that served as favors for guests.

Cara and Micah’s adorable rescue dog, Cooper, is like family to the couple, so naturally they dressed him in formal attire and included him in the celebration. “He was the key to calming our pre-wedding nerves,” says Cara. At the reception, guests enjoyed cronuts for dessert instead of the traditional wedding cake, and everyone delighted in the creations of a caricature artist, who kept everyone laughing.

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